튜머릭(강황) 보충제

$15.99 (as of 8월 19, 2019, 1:49 오전)

THE MOST ADVANCED AND ABSORBABLE TURMERIC SUPPLEMENT AVAILABLE: Thanks to its patented technology, Turmeric Power 400X provides 400 times greater absorption than ordinary turmeric/curcumin. The power of just one softgel is equal to taking 400 pills of ordinary turmeric. Absorb more. Do more. More often.
MAXIMUM ABSORPTION: It’s hard for your body to absorb ordinary curcumin, but the patented technology in Turmeric Power 400X allows for absorption to the max – 400 times more than ordinary softgels!
CLEAN SCIENCE: Manufactured in the USA at an FDA-certified facility, Bodygood’s groundbreaking Turmeric Power 400X is a result of seven years and $10 million of research and development.